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Singing For a Lifetime

Group Membership

Welcome to the new online voice training program!

For just us Girls.

There's no greater feeling than soaring through your song and knowing you nailed it. All the high notes come out perfectly and you feel every word you sing. I know the feeling, and when you join Singing for a Lifetime and train with us, you'll get to know that feeling too.


We're live with you every Thursday to do a new class with new exercises to strengthen your voice.

Don't worry, you're muted so no one hears you. And I've added beats/drums so we can move with each different exercise.

Before you go any further I have to stress that this training and exercises are not for the male voice. 

The exercises and their range will fit the female voices perfectly. 

The vocal exercise and training will challenge you so be prepared for great vocal workouts each week.

P.S. If you can't make it, no problem, you'll have a link posted on this website to view and sing with the recording of our class.

The link is replaced each week with a new video, so you have a full week to practice and catch up on any missed lessons. 

So much fun...I hope you'll join us.

Hum on over to  

What's in each lesson?

  • Exercises - The mainstay of our membership is to strengthen your voice and we do that each and every lesson.

  • Encouragement - Being in our membership gives you the opportunity to be encouraged by the other members and I'll cheer you on too. We get to know you and put lots of love on ya.

  • Celebrations - We celebrate how strong your voice is getting or when you can sing that song you thought you never could.​ We also celebrate your personal goals.

  • Mental uplift - Every meeting we have new exercises with beats/drums that make you want to move like crazy.  I keep you pumped and positive.  We also bring in soothing exercises to de-stress our muscles and mind.

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