Singing For a Lifetime

Group Membership

Welcome to the new online voice training program!

There's no greater feeling than soaring through your song and knowing you nailed it. All the high notes come out perfectly and you feel every word you sing. I know the feeling, and when you join our group of Lifetimers and train with us, you too will get to know the feeling.

We're live with you every Thursday to do a new class. If you can't make it, no problem, you'll have a link posted on this website to view the recording of our class. The link will be replaced each week with a new video, so you have a full week to practice and catch up on any missed lessons.

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What's in each lesson?

  • Exercises - The mainstay of our membership is to strengthen your voice and we do that each and every lesson.

  • Encouragement - Being in our membership gives you the opportunity to be encouraged by the other members as well as myself.

  • Celebrations - We celebrate how strong your voice is getting or when you can sing that song you thought you never could.

  • Mental upliftment - A healthy you produces a healthy voice. I share positive antidotes for your concerns with your voice.