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Lilach Gradient
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Online Group
or Private Lessons? 

Bright Gradient

Pay as you go or purchase a plan. There is something for everyone!

Singing for a Lifetime Online Group Membership Plans Include:

✶ Group Lessons every Thursday at 4 pm PST.

     We are live and happy to be together.

✶ Four live lessons each month.  The exercises  

     we do are different every week.  It's a workout 

     we look forward to.  You will too.

✶ A link to each lesson every week.  No!  links to

     4 lessons... You choose which one to do.


No one can hear you if you make a boo boo

    This is so cool.  You can sing your heart out, 

    no judgment, just freedom to work your voice.


✶ New friendships, growth, and fun!  Our group

    has such caring and loving people.  Come and 

    experience the love.

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