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Author & Artist

Marquita Waters

Performing artist, vocal coach and debut author Marquita Waters, formally known as songstress Mia Morrell, released her self-published book I Will Not Grow Weary: Survival and Success - A Singer's Guide To Singing. The book is available on Amazon. 


I Will Not Grow Weary is a deep reflection on Marquita's longevity and survival as a performing artist. The tell-all book is not only an eye-opening autobiography, but it is also an honest and inspiring guide for experienced and aspiring singers. 

I Will Not Grow Weary dives into details about Marquita’s early life that was groomed for show business. She talks about growing up with a father who was a bandleader and a mother who was a professional dancer during the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers era. Marquita tells you what it was like leaving home at the young age of 19 because of a desperate situation and how she faced personal problems that hurt her musical career.


“You must know who you are to be in an industry that can all too often harm you. Do the thing you have passion for because you love doing it, not just for stardom and riches.” - Marquita Waters

Marquita touches upon her time as an artist with the world-renowned William Morris Agency. She mentions the origin of her stage name, Mia Morrell, how it was inspired by Frank Sinatra and given to her by his friend Skinny D’Amato, who owned the 500 CLUB in Atlantic City where she frequently performed. Marquita also held residencies at distinguished venues such as The Copacabana, The Beverly Hills Hotel, Eden Rock and the Playboy Club circuit.


Marquita Waters


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