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Are YOU ready to take your vocals to the next level?

There is no greater feeling than soaring through your song and knowing you nailed it.  All the high notes came out perfect and you felt every word you sang.  I know the feeling and want you do the same thing.  It feels so good. 

Don’t worry if you are just beginning and just want to be able to stand in front of an audience and not want to run away. 

Maybe you’re working on songs and keep hearing a flat note, or you’re just not happy with you sound.

There are so many areas with the voice that we can work on and free, so you go, “Oh yea, I got it! .“


When I work with my students I love the look on their face when they hit a note that seemed impossible before.  Or there is a song and with a little change in phrasing they are able to breath more freely.


I want to share the knowledge of many years of singing and teaching with you now.

That’s why I am offering you a FREE chat, to get to know you and help you be the best you can be.

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 Here's what we do and I would love to share with you:

  • We go over exercises so I know what fits you and your style.  

  • Talk about songs you love so we can work on them in your lesson.

  • I explain fully how we work on sings (eg. find key, work on problem areas, performance, breathing) Everything you need to sound great and hit the high notes.

  • I always answer the questions you may have about lessons and singing.

  • You sing part of a song (if you are comfortable doing that) and I will give encouragement for what needs working on.

  • We set a date for lessons and the duration of lesson that fits your schedule. ‘Cause I know you will want to get started right away in doing what you love… Singing.

  • I help you with breathing, tone, strength...etc. with exercises and in your songs in the lessons.

  • We work on your songs and problem areas during our lessons.

  • I am here to encourage, inspire and motivate you to reach your full potential and you will.


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