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What if you could keep your voice healthy through your whole life?

What is your biggest problem/hurdle with your voice/singing?

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Our Concert Room For Live Performance

Singing Styles

Whether your style is Pop, Rock, Metal, Musical Theatre, Jazz, or R&B / Hip Hop. It
could be Indie Rock, Folk - I show you how to own it,
make it your own. And give the secret sauce to make
you sizzle. While I know what you need and have strong views on helping you, what you feel and think always comes first. I am here to serve you and your needs. As I listen, I learn and know what to show you to make your voice free and flowing and your style shine.

Stage Performance

It’s such a great feeling standing there soaring through your songs and hearing
the applause. Stage presence needs special and specific care to bring out the star that you are. Your moves on stage must be in concert with your personality but you
must move. My mother, a dancer, said you have to hit every corner of the stage… guess what we are gonna do! There are so many performers that sound great on the recording but then on stage, live, what happens? Too many can’t cut it, but not you. I won’t let that happen. I coach you from backstage to the bow at the end of your performance to be great, the best you can be! You know deep down inside what your potential is. No matter what your goals are, I teach star level and bring that level of professionalism to every lesson you take.

Musical Theater

The powerhouse singing that it
and other styles demand from your voice, requires you to have powerhouse training. You’re an athlete and need to go the distance with endurance in each performance. We work your vocal muscles to their finest.

Mic Technique

What hand do you hold the mic with?  When do you change hands? How close and far should the mic be? There is a difference between live and studio performance and how you position the mic as well. We cover everything.

Recording Performance

You’re in the studio and
you nail the final take. WOW! Does that feel good. I am right there with you in studio as your vocal producer or coach. We worked your performance live with pre-production practices and got your performance to this
level… A Success.

Online Performance

When you sing online, let’s make your performance better than just okay. The sky is the limit and online is the place to be. Whether it is YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or TikTok - shine, shine, shine.

Audition Technique & Coaching

If you have auditioned a lot, some, or not at all, there’s more I need to show you to win. The psychological barriers that come into play will be your ally, not your enemy when we hone your skills. You come into the room feeling confident because we worked on every note and move. You feel prepared because you are! Not only do I teach about auditioning in general for all musical audition styles, including America’s Got Talent, the Voice or other shows… I’ve done it. I even auditioned for Quincy Jones in my youth and was offered a record deal after that. When you win the audition and they want
you, it’s great. But when you are rejected, I will be there helping you work out the kinks. I also want you to know their decision isn’t always about you and your talent. No matter what, I will show you how to sing through it all.

Making A Career In Music

My choice was to make singing my career. I couldn’t imagine anything else, are you like me? Great, we know what we want. Is it challenging? Yes, but I am there for you, giving you support and guidance. I have been through it all, from record deals with different labels to independently producing my originals, as an Indie artist. I became a member of AFTRA, now SAG/AFTRA, when I was a teen. I’ve sung as a solo artist from New York to L.A. It’s all in my book “I Will Not Grow Weary.” My true calling is singing, and if you feel that's your true calling or even if you're unsure but want to learn more about what it takes, let's talk.

Cassidy W. October 28, 2017

Marquita is not only talented, but kind, generous and responsive. I am so glad I found her, she
goes out of her way to help her clients and is very effective. I am very happy about discovering

Special Voice Needs

Vocal Therapy

Does your voice get tired easily or do you lose your voice? Your singing and speaking voice are coming from the same source, the vocal folds. Also referred to as vocal cords. They are actually ligaments and are behind
the thyroid cartilage. When you have habits that damage the voice either by straining or overuse, you must re-train the
muscles and yourself. I studied the anatomy and physiology of the vocal cords extensively and have succeeded in bringing healthy habits to voices and those voices back to life. Being a member of The Voice Foundation in Philadelphia, their symposiums and access to doctors and research keeps me current. I can help you.

Public Speakers

Your content and delivery must match to connect with your audience and capture their attention. Your ideas are great and with our work on how to deliver them, you will be hitting home runs every time.

Actors & Actresses

It could be stage or screen and your voice has to be able to bring out the emotion in your
role. What if you are asked to sing? Maybe improv is your love. All of these require flexibility in your voice. Learning how to project and support, how to strengthen your voice whether singing or acting… this is where I come from.

Voice Over Technique

Can you bring the different shades of characters to fit each role for voice over? Is your voice too high or low for a part you want? No worries, we can fix that. And let’s work your imagination and technique ‘til the sound of the characters you want come to life in your voice.

Other Musical Services


At 4 in the morning I work up and ran downstairs to my piano and started to write. The song came pouring out. Not all of them do that, I can assure you. But with your songs I will teach you how to get them written, and most of all - finished. I teach through piano and go over the melody,

Music Theory

The basics, the fundamentals can be had if you want them. As singers and songwriters, sometimes we want the knowledge behind what we do. You want to be able to know what key you sing each song in, how to write a lead sheet for your original. There are many factors of music theory that can apply to your song, and can take your song to a
whole new level you never knew it could go to.

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